About Us

Who We Are

Located in Baton Rouge, Louisiana Roul’s Deli is family owned and all about great southern hospitality. Established in 1999, our founder Roul, believed in keeping the food fresh and delicious with his famous catch phrase, “Juicy Juicy”.


Our obsession with quality, freshness, never frozen, 100% USDA All-American premium-cut beef. Choose from1/2lb patties, we always grill it to order, just the way our founder approves of.


Sara and Hesham are the sole owner’s of all the Rouls Deli locations as of 2019 and since 1999 we’ve been driven to provide our customers with the best burger. That’s why we’re still here, 20 years later. We’re out to make the world happy, one great hamburger at a time.

What They Say